/ єяяσя.
I am so excited and happy for this…I don’t normally fan girl over people who follow me but this is a special occasion.
You guys do not even understand. I’ve been following him and I’ve known of his blog for more than a year. Finally, he followed me. :’) He was one of the very first blogs I ever followed when I started on Tumblr. When I started this quality blog and deleted my main blog with 10k followers, he was the first person I followed on this blog of mine.
I’m so happy right now. He has such a wonderful blog and seems like such a nice guy. He’s also super handsome. Thank you so much, Jordan! ♥
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  2. blaqk-horizon said: He’s blog is awesome! He was the first person I followed when I made my blog and I fangirled lol! :p
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